Commercial roofing

Peterborough Roofing has undertaken a myriad of projects, large and small, in the commercial sector, building a vast knowledge base around commercial roofing systems, materials and installation methods along the way. Backed by years of experience, our skilled roofers know how to address the needs of a range of properties, from the hospitality business to the foodservice industry and beyond. Our team is trained to handle all the latest, industry-leading developments so a commercial building never receives anything less than the best.

And, with prompt workmanship designed to keep a business up and running, Peterborough Roofing can be trusted for all Ontario commercial roofing needs.

In understanding that not all commercial buildings are constructed the same or have the same needs, our experts are experienced in a wide variety of materials to accommodate all types of designs. From traditional buildings to more modern-esque styles, we boast the tools, technology and products to get the job done.

Our certified commercial roofers are seasoned in the following types of roofing:

• Polyurethane Foam
• Concrete Clay
• Elastomeric Coatings
• Singly-Ply Roofing
• Asphalt Steep
• Built Up Roofing (BUR) and Modified Bitumen

The truth is, even the best roofs require service over time, but many roofs are installed by contractors who don’t actually possess the necessary skills or experience to perform the job correctly. That is why if customers have not had their commercial roof looked at by a professional recently, they should call us for service sooner rather than later.

Further, our team of skilled and experienced roofing experts conduct inspections, detect and repair leaks and offer other services specific to commercial roofing demands. We understand how vital it is for a commercial building to boast a strong and durable roof that can provide the structure with protection from water, wind and other hazards that could affect a business…in order to accomplish this, we offer everything from commercial roofing leak detection and repairs to TPO/modified bitumen/metal roof installations, inspections, industrial roofing services and roof maintenance programs.

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