Metal roofing

Most people haven’t considered the benefits of metal roofing, and that’s unfortunate because this approach offers a range of benefits that make it a great choice for many roofing projects, including:

• Energy Efficiency
• Low Maintenance
• Light Weight
• Fire and Wind Resistance
• Sustainability
• Long-Lasting Durability
• Beauty

Metal roofing materials are adapted to eradicate problems we normally associate with metal; they do not attract lightning any more than other roofing and, if struck, will dissipate the charge safely throughout the entire structure rather than concentrate it on one area. They are also well-shielded for noise, and because of the metallic coatings applied to them, they do not rust.

Custom copper roofing has become a popular addition to this sector, as well as zinc roofing, the special features of these materials resulting in finished projects of exceptional beauty and character.

Shingles vs. Metal

If it’s time to install a new roof, the variety of options out there can send anyone into a confusing tailspin. Asphalt shingles have long been known for their reliability, cost-effectiveness and ease of maintenance, making them the most popular roofing material on the market today. But now there’s a variety of options that deserve attention – notably metal, the second most popular roofing material thanks to its durability, longevity and a wide selection of styles.

Though both materials are great options for residential roofing, one may be better suited to specific needs…as such, we’ve stacked them up against each other to compare everything from aesthetics to eco-friendliness to help customers make the right decision for their roof.

• Both materials boast finish options for every housing style.
• Metal roofs tend to be more durable.
• Shingle roofs are cheaper up front.
• Metal roofs are more eco-friendly.
• Asphalt shingle roofs generally are easier to install and repair.

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