Residential Roofing


Our company is known for providing fast and efficient work at affordable rates, with quotes often coming in at half the price of the closest competitor and our Ontario roofers offering a sweeping variety of options for a residential property. From replacements and installations to maintenance, inspections and testing, we are committed to ensuring a roof is functional and safe – above all else.

And, with commercial roofing available for business owners as well, customers can always trust us to get the job done.

Steep Slope Application

Steep slope roofing systems typically incorporate roofing materials for roof slopes boasting a slope of 3:12 or greater. We can install the following types of sleep slope roofing systems:

• Shingles (asphalt laminated, SBS-modified asphalt laminated, traditional/strip asphalt, composite/synthetic)
• Tile (concrete/clay)
• Simulated-Metal Roofing System (single-ply membrane systems with heat-welded profile ribs)

A steep-sloped roof is what is typically seen on most residential properties; to be technically classified as a “steep roof,” the roof must have a pitch of 18-degrees or more. This type of roof design is very common for residential homes as well as for small businesses which are designed with a “home-esque” look, the most common type of steep slope (or pitched) roofing in America being asphalt shingles.

Roofing Shingles

With a wide array of options, relative ease of installation and economic production, shingles – specifically asphalt shingles – are today’s most popular roofing material. We are a certified installer of all of the trusted shingle manufacturers, and our roofing consultants will work with every customer to select a quality shingle that fits the look of his or her home and budget. Indeed, we understand that matching shingles to a house color is a complex decision, so we will work right alongside owners to find their perfect shingle color and texture.

Architectural shingles come in varying sizes and shapes, giving them a dimensional look. They are approximately 50-percent thicker than traditional three-tab types and thus heavier, granting them greater wind resistance. Three-tab shingles are distinguished by cutouts (tabs) made along their long lower edge; the resulting profile creates the illusion that each shingle is three separate pieces when installed, though it is only one.

Roof Replacement Services

Most people might not give much thought to their home’s roof – until a problem like a leak, damaged or missing shingles or the appearance of asphalt granules in the gutter system rears its ugly head. These are all signs that it’s time for a new roof, with an extreme example being a severe storm that causes major damage, thus creating a more immediate need for a roof replacement.

For those living in Ontario and in need a home roof replacement, the roofing professionals at our company can be contacted immediately – we’ll come to the house to perform an inspection to determine the roof’s condition and assess the level of any damage. From there, we’ll provide an estimate on know how much the upgrade/replacement will cost, our transparent pricing eliminating concerns about hidden fees or add-on costs that are common amongst other roofing companies.

Our roof replacement process brings the following benefits:

• Flexibility to create multiple angles, shapes and forms to fit any roof design and construction.
• Numerous design varieties and architectural styles to suit any homeowner preferences.
• Various color options to blend seamlessly with the home’s exterior and maximize its curb appeal.
• The ideal fusion of excellent quality and affordable pricing to ensure a cost-effective long-term roofing solution.
• Energy-efficient roofing option in the form of light, medium and dark shades which are available to generate the appropriate cooling effect.
• Fast, easy installation that saves time and contributes to lower roof replacement costs.
• Soundproofing elements to keep out exterior noise and help create a quieter home environment.
• Affordable repairs in that it’s often possible to replace missing or curled shingles instead of an entire roof.
• Easy integration with other roof features like dormers, chimneys and skylights.
• Recyclable materials on many asphalt shingles today, making their disposal better for clogging of landfills.

Since no two roofs are alike, our specialists personally measure each one prior to drafting a customized estimate, with our standard replacement estimate encompassing removal of the roof down to the deck, replacement of any rotten roof decking if necessary (at an additional cost) and installation of underlayment and shingles. We can also replace all chimney step flashing and counter flashing on brick chimneys and their pipe boot flashings and box vents.

Once work has been completed, we perform a final inspection before customers have to pay anything. Part of our service includes meticulous ground cleanup, and because our technicians understand the value of a property, they strive to leave a yard as they found it.

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